snow tube

London Snow Protection

So I think I let the images of snow up from up North fool me into thinking it was the blitz outside this morning. I blame it on the 7am Daybreak reports.

I didn’t even bother looking out of the window before grabbing my ‘essential snow protection.’ We all have the items that only come out around this time of year – I decided to wear them all today.

On my early walk to the station, the Sherpa hat that I bought as a novelty accessory for a fancy dress party kept my head warm. My Ted Baker-esq ankle wellies were adding extra grip to the bottom of my feet. And my extra-special techy touch-screen gloves meant that I could check my tweets while keeping my hands toasty.


Then as I stepped onto the platform and caught a glimpse of the multi-layered, mis-matched accessories wearer I had I become – I realised I wasn’t the only one who had over-prepared for the snowfall.

From furry hats to head-to-toe padded parkers, people were wrapped up and ready to battle it out with the snow that awaited once they stepped off the platform. Only to then realise that not a single snowflake had set anywhere in zone 1…